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Catholic Homeschooling Resources

The homeschooling journey is unique for each family. The HFHE Board does not recommend any one curriculum over another, as each family has different needs and structure. Some HFHE members use a packaged curriculum, but most of our members are eclectic homeschoolers who use resources from a wide variety of places.

Homeschool Style

No two homeschoolers are alike. Take a quiz to find out what type of homeschooler you might be. This first step can help you determine what type of curriculum and structure could be best for your family. The link below takes you to a test that will give you results right away; other tests are available online, but many will ask for your email address in order to send you results.

Curriculum Options

There are many curriculum providers that are solidly Catholic, and HFHE members can give you insight into why they use a particular one or a combination of curriculum, and even resources that are not expressly Catholic. Heart of a Mother has done a good job of collecting Catholic resources in one place. Elizabeth Clare compares many curriculums in her blog. You might start your search at either or both of these places, but please reach out to HFHE members as well. We are always glad to share our experiences.


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